So much has happened these few months but they are for the better!

I started grad school in October and I am so proud of myself for making the choice to continue my education. I am pursuing my MBA with a Concentration in Digitial Marketing! This is so funny because 5 years ago, I would have never considered this route but I have become…infatuated(?) with business and marketing. Everything I am learning is so interesting and in a way, making me a better writer.  You can never stop learning and by taking a different path in life, it has made me more well-rounded.

But I have also been working on projects to keep me sane ahah (no, seriously)

On my IG, I posted about the second edition for night-bloomer:


And I am finishing the final edits for Weightless now!

There will be two parts to my upcoming project–Weightless and Ascend. Both parts will discuss my journey today and how I am making steps to continue to make progress.

I have one more week of school and then I will post more–pinky-swear ❤

Follow my IG page @amateur__poet for updates or event message me on Goodreads.

2020 is around the corner and I feel good things coming!

What are you most excited for the new year?



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