BLK + GRN Review

I heard good reviews about the products from BLK + GRN so decided to give it a try!

And the fact that BLK + GRN is black-owned, non-toxic, and made by artisans who care about their their product, I couldn’t wait to make a purchase.

Check out their website here: 



Nourish and Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil



A healthier hair and scalp is possible with Alodia Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil treatment. Feed damaged strands and dryness with much-needed moisture packed in this ultra-hydrating formula of emollient-rich, hair-smoothing oils.

  • Just tried it so I cannot say if causes growth but the ingredients: avocado oil, rosemary, and thyme oil are known for it
  • Suprise, suprise, it smells amazing! And the size of the bottle is pretty generous–I probably will not be done for a few months.
  • I like the texture of the oil –it is not too thin or thick



More Moisture Cream



Dryness is a big issue with natural hair so in steps More Moisture Cream to add lots of moisture & shine to your hair and beautiful styles.

  • Smells AMAZING
  • The perfect texture for my hair type–thick enough to penetrate but not so thick that it leaves my hair greasy
  • Moisturizes my hair but does not cause shrinkage(which I hate)




Healing Face Wash for Sensitive Skin



This face wash was blended with natural oils and herbs for sensitive skin. Gentle enough for daily use, this sensitive skin cleanser will leave you with a healthy looking complexion. It is a naturally gentle way to keep even very sensitive skin feeling clean and moisturized. Soothe irritation and help balance out oily skin.

  • The smell is amazing–citrusy
  • Did not irritatemy skin nor does it feel heavy/clogging
  • Convenient to carry around–travel size



Overall, I will defiently be ordering from them again! And I want to trty some of their other products, especially for feminine care. I heard that using organic tampons and pads are benefical.


Tell me what you think!



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