bury me

bury me -sept 5/2020

bury my emotions, so deep, you can’t  see the tops of my feet.

bury me, bury me, deep. i don’t want them to hear my  screams.

bury me, until they see, that this was more than a cry  for help;  i came to you for shelter but  you turned your cheek. head pressed to your screen, would you have cared  if you could see me bleeding? 

bury me, bury  me;  why is it we only care about the wounds on the surface but never look deep? 

i cried wolf,  howled at the moon until my throat was hoarse. but still, you went about your day, the echo of my scream tremoring in the still night.   

bury, bury, bury me, 

bury , bury, bury me deep,  

until you can’t  even hear my screams.

bury, bury, bury me…

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