This isn’t love (love does not take from you)

This isn’t love (love does not take  from you)-  9/15/2020

you say this is love, tears mingling with your pleas.

skin pale, teeth rotting  from decay;

how can you call this love when it drains you? 

robs you of joy and leaves you with nothing but scraps to keep warm?  

you deserve  a feast of compassion. a belly filled with laughs and wide grins.  so why do you think you deserve less than what was written? 

do you believe that this is the path God has chosen for  you? 

you cry every night, playing back conversations with him. 

you say, this time it will be different. he has changed. 

he isolates you–from your family, your friends. 

nothing but the sting of your tears  keeping you company when he disappoints you again and again….

i am nothing but a shade….watching those i love fall for the same cycle…again and again. frustration binds my  tongue, seizes my anger; i’m  trapped to watch that night play over in my head. it triggers me to see it all unfold–how even i fell for the story of a dark prince who needs to be patched up with love and patience. but why is it our duty to heal and listen? embrace and acceptance–givers until the very end, they stomp out  of our lives without looking back, leaving behind a girl ruined  by a curse  called compassion. i’ve learned my lesson, in time, but  it is true.

love does not hurt you. isolate you. take from you until there is nothing left.  love is not a parasite that  drains you dry; it sustains you, like the Lord’s light. our bare feet buried beneath the the dirt, the sand, feel the earth stretch and sigh, connect with  our  ancestors whose  memories are threaded in every playful  wave and windful sigh.

listen, to the words unsaid, listen to the sun leak through  the morning sky, and pray for a love without threads when  you fall asleep  in your bed. pray for better days, without this thing called “love” leaving you for dead.

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