under lock and Key

Under Lock and Key – 9/28/2020

some days i miss you enough for three—some days i turn to my phone just to touch the letters of your name. my soul aches for you—it’s lonely and this everlasting winter needs to come to an end. i’m weary but I am still standing. but there needs to be some…reward at the end of the tunnel. all of this energy squeezed out me; where the fuck is my lemonade? i’m scrolling through Instagram and tempted enough to reach out–but will you remember me–the real me who shared secrets with you that were under lock and key? i shared a piece of me with you and I need it back. i’ve been going about my life lopsided,  arms dragging. but should i reach out? our wait for the stars to align, fate to spin a thread that will lead you back to me… 

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