Jupiter Love

Jupiter Love

i’ll call you Jupiter because you dominate the night sky with such ease.

taking up space, like you always do, you dominate the night sky,

every other planet fading in the background. basking underneath your glow, i’m humbled, human, as i stand beside you. there is no one for me, beside  you. what is the reason for going along this path without your guidance? Your words of praise is like the smooth, edge of the knife. I’m going back and forth, tilting left and right: is this love even if it doesn’t feel right? Should i trust my gut or pray for clarity– he doesn’t hold me anymore at night. I struggle to face my nightmares–i’ve come accustomed to depending on you when doubts clouds my mind. How do I stand on my two feet on this precipice? Will gravity embrace me or will it abandon me, like the rest?


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