A Song Unsung

A new song, unsung by tepid lips

falls short in this frozen scene. snow that was once

gracefully falling in disarray now rushes to pelt my skin…

i remember…

i remember a time where there was peace

and silence.

i crave silence like a tempting scent.

i crave silence when you disrupt my peace

and dismiss my pleas.

i crave silence when the world grows to big

and my body feels so small.

so i will craddle my head, and pray

for a peace that takes me away from you.

take me…far away from here.

i don’t care about the distance – 

i just  crave a sleep  that rivals every

dream, conquers every nightmare.

i want to be the me i was SUPPOSED to be

without the hailstorm of poisonous hate that was sent my way.

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