Tragedy sings me to sleep

Mecca-Amirah Jackson

Tragedy sings me to sleeps – 1/7/2020

Tragedy sings me to sleep. not even a door,

a wall can smother the violence that brews so close to me.

A messenger of peace, I’m met with the herolds of the harbinger of chaos;

i’m not prepared for this storm of rage.

You call it love when you weep. Your throat hoarse from screaming,

my heart stutters as it beats–terrified for you to hear me.

I’m living with your shade, no longer vibrant with life,

are you a stranger or have you lost your way?

It’s you and him and him and her as you watch from the sidelines.

The triangle of tragedy is becoming difficult to watch.

This cycle of weeping and screaming and begging has run its course.

I did not ask to be witness to this travesty. Audience to your ruin,

I have front row seats. The drinking, the…

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