Social Media – Definitions

You know what, let’s start with the basic basics–the definitions of social media terms:

More Definitions via Hubspot

Impressions: what I consider an impression is counting when a user “views” or comes across the post. This post was not interacted with (clicked, liked, shared, commented), but a user could have viewed it, scrolled by it, etc. So this metric is usually higher than clicks, shares, and comments. Yes, we want people to view the posts, but ultimately, engagement is the goal. We want people to not only view the post but to click a link, subscribe, apply, etc. 

So Impressions are just the start. I wish I knew a fishing analogy, but I would say it’s like getting a fish to nibble on the bait?!? (Fish experts, please correct me if I’m wrong). 

Engagement Rate: “And here comes the winner’s champion, engagement rate.” The eng. rate is the social media manager’s champion, and nightmare (depending on the KPIs) really defines how your social media is performing. The metrics for engagement rate include: likes, shares, comment, retweet, mention/tagging, etc.

In the posts below, I break down some metric formulas:

Hashtag: To hashtag or not to hashtag, that is the question. Hashtags are a great tool to drive people to your content who are also interested in the topic. For example, I am interested in #socialmedia, so I would click or search the hashtag to find similar content. For your social media strategy, it is essential to consider the hashtags you want to use for each platform and how many! For example, you do not want to overload your post with hashtags, so you want to find 3-5 relevant ones.

Mention: To mention or tag someone is to use the “@” sign. Using the “@” alerts the users of your mentioning them in the content or conversation. If you do not use the @, it will be difficult for the individual to find the content.

What other social media terms should I add?

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