Back & Ready to Talk Social Media

Did you guys miss me?

I’m back from a super fun vacay full of tequila and bad decisions and ready to talk about all things social media.

Currently, I’m working on new content and wanted to share some news and resources that I’ve come across.

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“It may be surprising to hear that of all Americans on social media, the ones losing interest are the youngest. Gen Z, or those between ages 4 and 24, are using less of every app — except TikTok — and are the only group to see recent declines. They’re avoiding older, noisier, more public networks in favor of connecting through a variety of smaller applications, including Twitch, Discord and BeReal, per Axios. Gen Z is also drawn to algorithms (like TikTok’s) that don’t just bear down on their interests but occasionally throw in something new.”

LinkedIn News 

Interestingly enough, Gen Z is straying away from their older generation’s habits and preferring different social media platforms. Gen Z’s are also using Tik Tok similarly to Google. For example, instead of going to google to find the best makeup brands, a Gen Z user will go into Tik Tok and search for the best results there. It will be interesting to see how the younger generation will utilize social media for not only entertainment but for their everyday life.

As a Millennial (a young Millennial–wink wink), I still turn to Google to search but have been using Tik Tok more than Instagram. As a user, Instagram has become too pretentious, catering to influencers and celebrities, and it’s more difficult to find my friend’s content. As a marketer, there is still a lot of value on Instagram, but I think it is mostly because we are still getting used to Tik Tok. In the next few years, it is predicted to that social media content will mostly be non-static and videos. So the platforms will need to be prepared for these changes, which Instagram has begun to implement by using Reels and rewarding users for using Reels. 

What are your thoughts on trending social media topics? Which platforms will lead the pack?

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