I want to write another poetry book! But that takes a lot of time and energy (and some $$$$$ for proofreading).

I have been setting aside some poems for Submerged for a few years–what are your thoughts on the poem below? It’s a little morbid at first but it’s about being reborn, a new beginning. I’ve always been fascinated by juxtapositions –Love/Hate, Light/Dark, Life/Death– because those they are so dissimilar, they are the same. When we die, we are reborn. At the darkest moments in our lives, it’s God’s light that shields us from evil. And Love, well, Love is just another form of hate, isn’t it? Hating how much you love that person because it drives you crazy. It’s this cycle of beginning and endings that inspired this poem called Home.


a voice trembles from up above,

the urgency stuns me. shocks me.

to be worried over. cared for.

to be…loved. can this be?

my heart beats measured 

and cherished?

speak louder – i want to savor this moment.

this blue moon, shooting star, solar eclipse;

this rarity before this wish is dismissed.

body cold, drowning, forgotten

like debris caught in the mist.

i  sink. i drown.

submerged in the finality of my decision,

i reminisce.

firm hands on my face, lips tracing

the curves of my cheeks,

tears trailing down my face, intertwined,

like a kiss.

i’ll never forget  you–but you will forget me.

there will be day when you cannot recollect my face.

my voice. my laugh.

but for me, i will carry  the  memory of us folded into the wind.

i  will be tossed to the elements,  bid  farewell, one last time…

forget me–don’t spare a casket or a funeral.

toss me to sea; there at least, the fish will eat me.

i will  finally have a purpose. a reason that i was

planted on this earth, roots fed by prayers and blessings,

leaves trimmed and styled every 6 months… i will  finally

shed  this burdensome human skin and be me.

me. she’s beautiful, isn’t she? me not her. 

not the woman with brown skin  and hair,  eyes like desert

sands, and a smile so shiny there is a glare. but the soul trapped in flesh, 

sent down from Heaven to repent.

it’s time, sister. it’s time.

the bells ring of farewell and welcome.

your time was well spent, well received.

but now it’s time, for your to return home.


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