Creating Content – Canva

Oh Canva, the poor man’s Adobe Photoshop (cries in poverty 😭)

Canva is an amazing tool for creating content for your social media that offers a ton of free pre-made templates, images, and more. Whichever social platform you need content for and size, you can find it all here with this free tool. Of course with all things free, there are limitations! There is a Canva Pro option which I am currently using and sorry, I love it. There is still a ton you can do on Canva for FREE but if you are able to upgrade, say yassss.

So when you log onto Canva, you are met with a bunch of options and graphics.

sorry, dark mode ganggg

If you are new to Canva, I would recommend playing around with it and getting used to it. At the top right, you see a “Create a design” button. Click it and a drop down menu appears and you can choose the template you want to use.

I clicked LinkedIn post and it brought me to this page. To the left hand side is the toolbox that will become your new best friend. First to the left, is a list of pre-made templates you can use. The toolbox features “elements”, “text”, “styles”, “logos”, and “more.” Elements contains images, graphics, videos, and everything you need for content. Text has different styles of texts you can use. Styles has different color patterns, you can upload your company’s logos in logo and more, well as the name implies, there is more to choose from.

For this example, I chose one of the pre-made templates. Now you can click in the text and images, swap them, edit it, download it and share it on your social media platform.

Like I said, there is countless things you can do with with Canva so let your creativity fly and have fun creating unique content.

Do you use Canva? What other free tool would you recommend?

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