You Will Feel My Absence

you will feel my absence, like an arrow embedded in your chest.

parts of you were gifted to me and i refuse to give them back.

never break the heart of a writer because we will take every hurt, every part of you and weave it into every poem.

is it spiteful–maybe–
but isn’t art supposed
to make you feel something? so every time you
feel an ache, remember
that i warned you…

you will feel my absence when you can’t decide what to wear.

a dress, a skirt, high-waisted
jeans, you will miss me the most when it comes to those trivial things.

it’s that song that will make you weep, because you never thought you would hear it without me.

saturday nights will never be the same,
you will try to replace me but it will never be enough. so frustrated, all you want to do is scream
until your throat is dry and
all you can do is cough and weep.

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