Planning – Paid Campaigns #1

So, you got the approval to run a PAID campaign?

Whatever luck or magic you got, spread it because you are now reaching a new level of awesome as a social media manager. Of course, there is a down side to having the PRECIOUS 👀

Now, you have to ensure that you see a ROI (Return on Investment) to prove that this was a great idea (which is–don’t worry). Sleep deprived and high-functioning anxiety Mecca-Amirah Jackson got your back.

You will present your paid ad strategy to your supervisor, so here is a planning space for an example paid campaign:

DatesMay 1st–April 1st , 202
PlatformLinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram
Budget$750-$1,000 USD
GoalsOverall increase in KPI’s (followers, impressions, engagement), brand awareness, lead generation 


When will the campaign begin/end? Always important to lead the conversation with the duration of the campaign, so your supervisor is aware and can assist you the best way they can. It will also help you better organize your other paid/organic campaigns throughout the year when you have everything planned out,


Milady, which ye platform will ye set ye eyes upon?

Apologies for the random GIFs, I’m running on no sleep and a bag of Raisinets. Anywhoozles, next you want to outline which social media platforms you will be investing your time and money into. Each of these platforms have their own pros and cons I will explore at a later date but knowing which platforms the ads are running will help your team keep track of its performance.


Dolla Dolla Dolla Bills yall.

Always, stay within your budget. Luckily, these platforms allow you to set up the campaigns with a start date and end date so you wont have to worry about overspending. It is still important to monitor your campaign and shift money around if necessary.


And lastly, state the overall goal(s) of your campaign. Are you looking to acquire leads for a webinar, job applicants, or from a downloadable ebook? Is increasing your followers, impressions, and engagement a factor is it more focused on your actual target audience. Are you looking to improve your brand awareness across the board? Whatever your reasons for your campaign, make sure to include measurable goals that can be tracked and reviewed.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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