Planning – Paid Campaigns #2

Part 2 is here y’all!

For a recap, check out Part 1 for Paid Campaigns

Now that we have strategized, planned, and set the budget for our social media campaign, now we focus on the messaging for the paid campaign itself. Once you have a better understanding who you want to target, now we focus on the how.

Campaign Themes/Focus:

  • Recruitment
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Launch
  • Trust, Company Value, Our Purpose

Whatever your theme or focus is, it is important to have consistent messaging throughout the duration of it. When it comes to Recruitment, you will be pushing messaging that aligns with why your target audience should apply. You may decide to push the message of your company’s values to attract top talent or discuss all the new innovative products released or upcoming.

Below is an example from a Recruitment campaign I ran:

Recruitment Campaign Example:

In this campaign, we will focus on: recruitment, our company’s value, with an emphasis on “trust” (why we are unique)  

The main target audience for recruitment is Developers with 3-5 years experience.  

Focus: Why someone should join / (brand awareness, “lead” generation)  

Audience: Job seekers 


  • Core Values/Trust/A Promise to You 
  • Flexible Scheduling/ Hybrid Work Environment 
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Max. Opportunity for Growth 
  • Get to work with a Dedicated team across the world 
  • We are growing, expanding, exciting!! 


  • Launch your career with us 🚀We’re looking to hire DevOps and BizOps positions to help us transform the digital world. Join our global team for a chance to take your career to the next level.
  • The opportunities are limitless with ______! Whether you are working from the office, home, or anywhere, we are ready to provide the building blocks to your success. Apply today to help us transform the digital world.
  • #GrowithUs 🌱 We’re transforming the digital world 🌐 Join our global team for a chance to make an impact on the lives around you.
  • _______ is growing and expanding. We are looking for talented people to join us! Apply now!  Submit your resume to: ______  

Ad Types: Post, Slideshow/Carousal, Video/static, & Lead Generation Form

In another blog, I will breakdown the differences for each platform when it comes to paid ads.

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