LinkedIn’s Algorithm – Breakdown & Debate

It is an understatement to say I was surprised by this LinkedIn post by Sam Browne, who breaks down LinkedIn Algorithm secrets.

Growing in popularity, LinkedIn was once the platform your College Professor had you create a profile for their class for 5% of your grade. Here, you dumped your resume and once in awhile updated until you graduated and realized you can use this platform to learn more about your prospective employers and apply to them. As of lately, LinkedIn has become difficult to define as users have included personal posts and anecdotes — but does that not only lean into a person’s professional life since it is all intertwined?

LinkedIn has also become a powerful tool for companies to share news, announcements, connect with their audience, promote their products and innovations and more. But how can we effectively reach our audience? Let’s breakdown Sam’s stats and discuss his finding.

Post Frequency  

Publishing a new post within 18 hours from a previous post will negatively impact the growth of both Posts (-15%)

Publishing 2 new posts within 18 hours of the previous post will negatively impact the growth of all 3 posts (-30%)’

The days of posting multiple times a day are over? I’m curious as to why it has to be 18 hours. I’m assuming LinkedIn does not want company’s content to monopolize the Feed. By setting these guidelines, it does prevent company’s posts to canabalize each other’s post and ensure they have a chance to be viewed and engaged with. I see the benefits of this but I wonder if it does limit creativity. What if I, as a social media manager, post but then there is breaking news that needs to be posted immediately. Is it okay to lose my reachability because we are at the command of this alogoirum?

What are your thoughts on these LinkedIn stats?

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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