Quality vs Quantity – LinkedIn Social Media Posts

Looking to go viral on Linkedin? Look no further?!!?!

Sike – I hate those type of posts from creators. If it were that easy to go viral than I would be out of the job lol

Depending on the purpose of your social media page, it can determine your goals for your channel and the type of content you’re looking to promote. There are accounts that want to go viral and the creators behind them spend a lot of time researching trending content, sounds, trends, influencers. While there are others that care more about the messages and content they put out. Whichever you are, we must bend the knee to each social media platform’s algorithum.

I feel like “algorithm” has become a popular term due to Tik Tok’s AI Algorithm that learns from you – the type of content and influencers you like and recommends content to you. Users have noticed that their Feed page while look differently than their friends and it’s because that Algorithm is workinggggg.

Playing the Game

To get your content in front of people’s Feed’s, it’sm imperative to know what each social media channel consider’s good and shareable content. Today, we will be tackling LinkedIn:

Learn more about LinkedIn’s algorithm

LinkedIn classifies a post: spam, low quality, and high quality. Here are the qualifications for a High-Quality post:

  • The post is easy to read
  • Encourages responses with a question,
  • Uses three or fewer hashtags
  • Incorporates strong keywords
  • Only tags people who are likely to actually respond
  • Posts with images get twice as many comments as text posts.
  • LinkedIn videos get five times the engagement


  • Consider how you style your posts– if it is a long post, separate it with paragrahs
  • End the post with a question – Ex: What are your thoughts on the using data and analytics in your social media strategy?
  • Don’t be that person with a list of hashtags. Using the most relevant ones in your post.
  • Depending on your company, you will have specific key words that are relevant to your field or campaign. If you work for a CPG running a sustainability campaign, you will use words like “sustainability” “packaging” “brands” “green”.
  • Refer to bullet 3 – don’t be that person. When I do social media monitoring for my company, I’m combing through a sea of mentions of random people tagging us in a variety of random posts and job searching. Use tagging strategically for a higher Reach! For ex – if you are working with a partner to promote a webinar, you would tag that account.
  • LinkedIn posts without images preform pretty well but of course, social media users are more drawn to images and videos.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn’s algorithm? Do you agree with what is considered a high quality post?

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