i’m impenetrable;
i’ve survived every hurt,

every resounding pain,
every unimaginable horror, and because of that,
intact my foundation remains.

what else can you do to me
that has not been done before?
i will survive it, like i survived you.
i am a goddess now; i severed my cord
to this world and now i am floating. drifting. timeless. i’m weightless.

i am reborn. encased in ethereal flesh, i’m untouchable. i’m dangerous. nothing can stop me now; i’m deathless.

disillusioned from this world,
i choose to be weightless… no more responsibilities, no more toiling my days with a career and stunted dreams.
you can’t stop my growth; i’m indomitable. i will brave every storm. i will crush
every expectation,
i will channel every wound and
make every seed blossom.
demeter’s flower child and

i’ve barely even started.

you tried to break me down,
tie me up, bind me,
gag me, but i finally stood up.
i know the truth now–you
were scared of me, terrified
that i would surpass you. but God has a plan for all of us;

mine happens to be front-and-center, basking in the limelight. i fell from a mighty galaxy, far from the human eye,
i shine even in the dark.
every accomplishment of mine

overshadows the festering sores in your heart.

i perish every twilight and by dawn, from the ashes,
i will rise.

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