Social Media Audit – Basics #4

Have no fear– Part 4 is here!

You can check out Part #32 & Basics #1

Now that you’ve looked back at the post that’s performed well, the assets and the copy, it’s time to look at the data regarding demographics. Through this stage, you can see how well your posts reach your target audience. You can have the best assets and storytelling in the world, but if it is not reaching your target audience, it’s falling on deaf ears. This is not what we want – we’re spending all this time and $$ on our campaigns to ensure those efforts are recognized.


  • Region
  • Day/Time
  • Gender/Sex
  • Age


What part(s) of the world are you targeting, and are you reaching them? When reviewing your data, you can see the top regions you are reaching. If you’re not reaching your audience, you may want to consider the day/time you’re posting.


Let’s say you’re an America-based company, and the audience you want to reach is in India. Because of the time difference, you will have to adjust your social strategy to reach your audience when they are active on social platforms. For this example, you will change the time of day you post. Also, when you’re reviewing your data, you will be able to see the top times and days your audience engages with your content. So, if you see a spike in engagement from 8 am-10am Tuesday-Thursday, it would be ideal for posting during that time.


Dun Dun Dun… the Battle of the Sexes return. How well are you REALLY reaching your audience? When reviewing the data, you can see how many men and women are engaging with your content. Why is this significant – other than the obvious? – Well, let’s say your company wants to hire more female workers to improve its DEI strategy, and you notice that there are more men engaging with your content than women. Oh nooooo – your content, your content is not reaching the audience you want. How do you fix this? I would say – consider the language you’re using, use women (or female-facing people in your assets, and look at hashtags like #womeninstem to help you widen your reach.


You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Boomer, Gen X, Millenial, Gen Z, Gen Alpha…. you’ve heard these terms before, and if you’re like me, you’ve been told you can’t afford a house because of avocado toast HAHAH (cries in broke). Depending on your goals, you will have a specific AGE audience you want to reach. But when you’re reviewing your data, you can also consider the type of platform that your audience uses.

Once you’re finished reviewing your data, you can now take action and set new goals with full confidence that you’ve considered all possibilities. Hooray! 

Stay tuned for more social tips!

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