Before your very eyes–

Before your very eyes–

I knew that pain, Was arbitrary Before your very eyes– Kisses never tasted So heaven-sent Until I met you. The intergalactic, cosmic Wondrous encounter Of me and you– Falling stars with only one purpose: Love. We knew that love was risky business in the eyes of others, But we kept steady during recalcitrant turbulence that [...]

An Apple made of glass

She bit into an Apple made of glass, The fragments slicing her tongue, Her blood enhancing the poignant flavors As she chewed and crunched with cautious vigor. Shards dug into the walls of her mouth, A river of blood seeping past her lips, Her teeth grinding the glass into fractures, The pieces sparkling- sifting through [...]

Sonnet #665

A heady, deep-seated twang of deceit clouds shift to mimic the minds third eye, Mist spills like milk, across the clotted, seedy streets. The grotesque bend as they intentionally blind, images flicker as doubt settles, A dead boy and girl dance in the moonlight, Curious fingers that mischievously mettle, The world dark and dangerous, absent [...]