Social Media – Social Media Holidays

Topical Day/Social Media Holiday:  are timely and help companies promote their interest, start conversations on certain topics, and drive engagement. These posts can be more light-hearted and fun. Below is a formula for crafting a social post for a social media holiday.


{Can Insert Quote/Phrase} 

{Eye-Catching One-Liner} 

{A short blurb about the holiday; why it’s relevant; why people should celebrate it; well wishes} 

{Include a line that encourages followers to engage; conversation starter} 

#relevant hashtags for topical holiday 


“Just like moons and like suns, 

With the certainty of tides, 

Just like hopes springing high, 

Still I’ll rise.” – Maya Angelou 

It’s World Poetry Day! 📝 

Today we celebrate the power of poetry in its many forms – like haikus, limericks, sonnets, and ballads. 

What is your favorite poem? Share it below👇

#poetry #worldpoetryday #poems

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