i’m too trusting

family has a way of bringing  out a side of you, one so entrenched, hooked deep  inside, tearing flesh until there  is nothing to hide. a  gaping wound, hanging off the sides, oozing frothy mistakes  and diseases like gang green. i’m falling asleep, head tilting  off to the side, air pushing my hair  back  until [...]

Tragedy sings me to sleep

Tragedy sings me to sleeps  - 1/7/2020 Tragedy sings me to sleep. not even a door,  a wall can smother the violence that brews so close to me. A messenger of peace, I'm met with the herolds of the harbinger of chaos;  i’m not prepared for this storm of rage. You call it love when [...]

where it went wrong

"where it went wrong" - Ascend- page 27-29 where it went wrong i it has become an obsession of mine: going back in time, decipheringthe wreckage, the carnage,to find where it went wrong. ii there must be a clear path...a reason...something so simple that i could go back in timeso you can love me. forgive [...]