A Flower in Full Bloom

Happiness is something
That is advertised to look so effortless
And now I understand why.

It should be easy
To close your eyes
As you hug your loved one-
The bubbly emotions-
Fun-loving and sheer joy-
Are addicting
And all you want is more.

I would take endless cloudy days
To spend one prefect day
Under the sun.
I smile now,
And my heart is filled with hope-
A hope that knows no disappointment-
A clean slate with a shiny
Unadulterated surface.

I cannot wait to explore this light feeling
A diet that excludes heavy, deep thoughts
And promotes the good and the smiling…

My cheek against your hair
My tears trickling on your wet face,
I cheer as I sob
My voice scratchy and broken-
As if I’ve forgotten how to speak
As I hold you-
In my arms, a reward for good behavior.
I do not mind the watchful eyes
As I break down
For I have l have grown, matured into a strong woman
Who knows when to fight her battles–

A flower in full bloom–

self-sificante and stem made of steal……..

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