Photo Albums

flowers-tumblr-flowers-33623905-360-480erupting passions overflows;

broken, jagged pieces, lost and disregarded

are now solidified in recollections;

a scrapbook of cherished memories,

meticulously preserved with a mother hen’s

perseverance; a trait that was once spurned,

its the lost, the forgotten that is the most desired;

the hazy black/ white memories

filled with tinny, childish laughter and gapped smiles,

feathered hair and spacey eyes,

twisting on the swings and ring-around-the-posey–

and once upon a time;

the beginning of something fantastical and plausible

as crowns were readjusted and capes were smoothed–

rich memories, are what I desire;

a quilt of candid truths,

untouched from Photoshop lies.

I feed off your crooked smiles and clear, clear tears

as I embody the 90s baby grooves.

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