The Curse of Social Media

As I learn and aspire
I worry about social media less and less.
The 8-2:15 days
Measured by bells and chalkboards
Where every outfit mattered
And the tally mark of awkward kisses
Piled too high,
We’re the worst days,
A prison mindset that preyed on the weak
And flourished the strong.
But those days are long gone and
I have blossomed from nerd to
A woman with set aspirations vivid
And intimidating- a fire that grows
With each unmeasured day,
Each hour an adventure in mind
As worries become written lullabies
And an ethereal lover whispers my name
From each page.
I pen as I dream
And as I dream, I create a world
That that can parallel heaven.
To the boys and girls
Who stress about the encrypted greed
Of corporations and suck at the teat
Of big brother,
You do not belong in my disconnected heaven.

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