The Moon, My Life

7153083_orig-1At the New Moon of my life
I gave into the call of the dark,
The impulsive, the dreadful tang of misery.
Heavy and burdened-I knew only chaos and silence.
But stay hopeful, stay golden–
You will know I am when well my smile is radiant in the night sky.

Kiss me tender,
A simmering press of warm, decadent flesh.
Hold me close,
Our bodies becoming one-one soul, one love…
My smiling becomes wider, fuller each time–
Each time you show your face- endless radiance, a brilliant presence, bringing forth hope and strength, annihilating the shadows, the nightmares, the grief.
The darkness I am accustomed to, the wailing moans in the night, the clash of swords, the splashing of fresh blood, and the familiar taste of the open Dead Sea, become almost like a distant dream.

I am surprisingly content with how the course, the ravaged currents have guided, fluctuated my life. An endless tide, rippling, folding over waves, and lapping at the sand-always in motion, always changing and bending. It makes sense for a being, element, one of God’s creations to always be evolving. If I were to be stagnant-floating absently, collecting waste, spinning, and spiraling-I would go completely mad.

Yes, the currents are troublesome, but what is life without a little challenge?

As I observe from my perch, my throne made of white dwarves, I look out to the East, my smile wider than ever-

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