Stay Weird

I wrote this a few months ago while I was having an anti-social media stage lol

Keep your true self hidden,
They are not prepared for the the truth-
The truth that you are unique and different,
A comet taking her own course.
You must hide until it’s time,
You will know when, when you shine
With adversity and change,
Until then, they will mock
Unintelligent and slow to your success,
You will want to scream until they hear,
But they are too busy, eyes glued
To their screens, lives pointless,
Interests irrelevant until they are going from screen to screen.
So never waste your breath on an Average,
Shine bright, baby and stay away from social medial-
Like a butterfly, stay in your caccaon of manga and anime, interviews and documentaries, sketches and paintings,
Rap lyrics and samples,
Poetry and drawings,
Because you have been given a gift
That can never be stolen or bought,
Your soul shines bright-stay weird, stay bold-because you will strive on.

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