You smell of sunshine, even when there is rain

You smell of sunshine
even when there is rain.

I know our love will bloom–
this love we share
will never abide.
To erase such a bond would be a sin–
a smite on this world,
a Plague’s dark hand
suffocating as it promises revival.

The taste of passion haunts me
when you are away,
a river once whole,
trickles away…

The look shared between lovers
is addicting, the hushed whispers
and the balmy,
dreamy eyes that catch–
reflecting an untouched beach
with gentle, rippling waves
and brine tickling our naked,
sunburnt skin.

The press of flesh is an aphrodisiac
each touch driving me mad
with Eros’s stinging kiss.

The world pauses–a slight pause
that will go unnoticed by others,
a blink of the eye, nothing too serious,
yet in that time I am lost within your eyes–
I am no longer lost.

I used to crave your scent,
but the smell of innocent love,
wasted away under the pressure,
tainted with age and neglect,
a flower once erect with purpose,
crumbles between your tight grip.

The nights are no longer lonely,
a moon bereft of her shroud of stars,
I can finally smile wholly,
knowing that you are with me.
The ache gnawing on my dark thoughts
will fade between the time you
lean over a save me with one kiss.

The heavy, numbing silence
of night, a sound
that steals the brightness in my eyes,
is all I hear– a demented playlist
designed to cripple me from the inside out.

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