I Promise


I promise to let go of all the doubts
that have slowly tainted my mind.

Words like: hate, envy, and greed,
are  poisons with an impossible cure.

When I am met with a challenge,
I strive to meet it head-on
but the sickness has taken over–
stealing my breath and robbing my self.

A dark entity that feeds on your weakness,
some might call it the Devil whispering
to you in the midnight hush of night.
But I wonder, is his whispers louder
to others?

Submerged in the sea, a lost city dodging surveillance
and high-tech cameras, we go through life
alone in our body’s–and how amazing is that?
But when do your our thoughts become intertwined with his or hers?

It comes in the dead of night, a sly assassin
that scales up your defenses and penetrates
through the walls with hate-fueled claws.
Burrowing its way, it feeds on your darkest thoughts,
becoming stronger with every bite.

At the heart of YOU,
it swallows away your love,
injecting its poision into your soul
as you foolishly change positions in bed.

When we spew hate from your puckered lips,
do we remain innocent through our ignorance?

No one alive truly knows the structure of Heaven
but I can only imagine how truly refreshing it will be
to know that I was always sane.

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