You Played me

You played me
as easily as a pianist plays the keys.

an untouched, “exotic” island,
I was yours to pillage and torment.

A horse to break-in,
I was your wind-up doll,
that came at your command
and collapsed at your neglect.

A master of your craft,
you seduced me with timed smiles.
I ate up the bullshit with
my lips pulled back and mouth open wide.

you only told me you loved me–
in the dark; a buffer that
sucked up the tepid words.
I remember I cried with bliss.

A godless being who finally found
her North star,
I use to rock myself to sleep,
praying to God that I was finally alright.

So ignorant, so pretty,
you called me beautiful once
and i used to ration that beloved
word for the days to come.

Promises fell from your lips like hail.
Lies peppered my skin like rashes.

You played me once,
you played me hard,
but you taught me a valuable lesson
that I will never forget
and hope to never remember.

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