love, hate, anger, and joy

I wish there were other options rather than
using the same tired and overused words
Like love, hate, anger, and joy.
We claim we mean these words
But do we truly know the real meaning?

Love, love, love,
Love is supposed to be eternal but does it truly last over such trivial
Things like currency? Love, love, love, you say things like I love you and you love me, but will those words ring true when my beauty fades and the darkness
Within me triumphs? Love, love, love
The pain away, love my flaws and my attributes, love me almost as much as the Lord and I will shower you with such devotion. The earth will tremble. A great flood, an earthquake that rips apart the very foundation of us, you will never see it coming.

I hate you, I despise you, I wish your last breath
Was before me so I could mock the way your eyes reach heavenward. Your body cold and still after death, why does my heart go soft and stutter because you have finally reached nirvana? You were leaden to this world like we all are, you struggled you overcame, you gave into peer pressure, you even gave me my holy name, why do I hate you so much when love never bloomed, why do we hate so much when we never truly understand, why do we hate so much when hate is just another branch of love?

Anger… builds inside of you. A resident who refuses to pay rent, a tax payer who sets fire to his assets, I want this world to go up in flames-from the ghetto to 90210, may they know my wraith, may they teach their children my history, adulterate it as they may, my anger will live long and prosper way before we ultimately destroy it.

I am intimate with joy, we have shared a bed for some time now. He is good to me, well as much as a man can ever be. My heart sings when he’s close but I almost wither
And die when his radiance is seen by another. It hurts to know such joy: the highest of highs, I am constantly obsessed with thinking of the lows. The drudgery, the puff of smog that invades my love for him, myself, and those around me. A web of truths dissolves under the right shower of rain. May he never forget to kiss me goodbye, even when he brightens another persons day.

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