such mundane
worries, bound by mediocrity
and dipped in self-doubt,
why do you allow yourself
to get caught up
in such trivial feelings?
as the children of God,
we are magnificent
from the fateful day
we wiggle through
our mother’s womb.
as we are wretched from
the safe haven,
from the only home we
have only known,
we are spanked
and pushed, pulled,
and twisted under
the societal pressures
that assault
us even before our first breath.
dressed in shades
of delicate pink,
i was shamed for
choosing blue, for choosing
something different, for looking
different, acting strangely, talking
too politely; my hair stuck tall
and proud, deliberate and defying
before i put comb to curl. i worry
so greatly, i have such pressures
burdening my shoulders
sent from my own masochistic mind.
i push and i push myself
to the edge, even when there
is no one standing behind me.
i am my own coach, my own enemy,
my own downfall, all because
i am terrified of what tomorrow foretells.

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