too wise

she can give you what you want
and you like that about her.
i am the one who smiles
way too often and teases
you to the point of frustration.
you think about my parting words
when she kisses you on the neck.
my name parts on your lips
when her area code flashes on your phone.
when you slide and answer,
it’s the silly joke i told you earlier
that brings a smile to your lips.
you joke and tease i’m the one
yet you nibble on her ear
and tell her the same things
i once liked to hear.
you like to reach out
and trace my body
with your fingertips;
your touch is inviting and
confusing yet it is me who
pushes you away. she
blushes and smiles;
her eyes dreamy, it’s
the most romantic thing she
had ever seen.
i’m the girl of your dreams
she’s the girl of your fantasies;
we are both are lovely
and dripping in gold
yet i was the one who
was too wise to stay.

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