i kinda want to sit in your car
and talk about nothing and everything.
you scroll through your favorite indie artists,
i pretend to listen so i can hold your hand.
i ask you about your dreams and passionate
things, so i can follow your eyes,
and watch as they burn as bright as the sunrise.
but when they get far and distance,
far away and luminous, i want to
lean over and brush the hair from
your brow so i can draw a map to your heart.
i follow along to a pattern of stars, i get lost
in the backseat of your car. my heart skips a beat
because you love the way i laugh, my heart skips a beat
because we are being silly and young, my heart skips a beat
because i put that smile on your face, even without the music on.
cars whizz by. the blinking light on the dashboard
glares bright. the windows fog up. peace surrounds
them; two young things with miles to go, adventures to unfold,
treasures unknown, and in that moment,
everything is all right.

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