the crush of ice,
when your tongue traces
up and down
my back.
splintering under the heat, we need
more than twisted sheets and incessant pleas
when you miss me. it hurts to leave me like that;
burning like a shooting star, glowing with
red-glazed heat, you crashed into me
like a meteor. i beg, i beg, i beg
at the edge, the frame trembles
when you give into me, once again. thirds
and fourths, in past tense, we
are greedy when the
options are so pleasing.
take command of me, i am yours to bend
and shape. mold me to your desires,
hold me when i shake and cry.
come to me when you need
to truly be, i am yours to play with,
but please remember,
that i am only yours
until midnight.

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