the perfect crime

Trees shutter and shake,
Dip when you wand
Me over with a spell
From home; a remedy
Tangled with clumsy
Flirtation and dazed
Eyes, I choked
On the potions,
I swallowed the pills
With misguided accuracy.
Your footsteps
Were swept away by the lazy
Hand of the wind,
Your intentions bled
Into the pavement.
Handprints, claw marks,
stained beneath
The sharp yellow of the
investigation tape.
“Plead for mercy”, you
Locked those words in
My mouth, your kiss the key
To the perfect crime.

4 thoughts on “the perfect crime

  1. I love your writing. Just catching up as I haven’t seen you on my feed in aged. There’s something reassuring about reading work that is so visceral and passionate, like I have kindred spirits out there x

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    1. Thank you so much:) I needed your kind words today- it is so amazing to read others works and be able to connect with them without ever meeting them. That’s what makes writing so necessary for the soul. And you do ❤

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