conversation and connection

<conversation and connections>

We don’t say much when we are together;
the world could collapse around us,
stars could fall like raindrops, and the moon could pierce the sun and even then, 
golden silence, has become a silver lining in my noisy heart.
Who could have known that the less said, says the most? 
Who could have known that sitting with you, in a tree, and 
counting the stars while we talk about everything from Aristotle to Kanye, 
could be the most wonderful thing that happened to me?
I cherish the silence as much as I cherish
you, you, you; the one who probably doesn’t want me.
I was wholly lost; I could never put into words how I felt, until I listened to
90’s and early 00’s R&B. You, you, you; whose eyes I helplessly fell in love with;
a map to your heart,
I follow along because how can I not? How can I not admire you when it’s you who taught
me conversation and connection is the most vital ingredient, when 
falling in love.


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