Reflective v (Forgiveness)


<Reflective v>

I love me for me; me, who is imperfect
And sometimes wrong. me, who puts others before
herself. me, who never hesitates to love–love others,
love strangers, love the boy in her dreams who
makes her think of things like lazy days of talking under a
setting sun with the roof down, music that makes my soul dance,
and eyes that see me when my mask is sown on tight. Me, me, me…
I forgive the girl who believed that everything was going to be okay,
I pity the girl who gave her love to people who only took and took
and fucking took her joy away, I love the girl because she never gave up,
I envy the girl for her capability to love without hesitation,
I am the girl, underneath the woman who is now strong
and beautiful, independent and unforgiving.
Me, me, me, I love me.


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