Reflective i (shattered)

<Reflective i>

My eyes red with tears yet to be spent,
Yours eyes were solid like mahogany
yet hollow with rot. you saw the pain that
Ran deep within them yet you turned your cheek.
Blood wept from the sores you left inside of me.
You promised me forever; forever was a beaten road
that lead to misery; time spent loving you, you held
the pieces to the puzzle, you held my heart so
casually in your hands; you shattered my dreams of white knights
and happily ever after; you broke me;
you hurt me before I knew what true pain was;
my eyes were red with insults and rage,
your eyes were stained with jealousy and self-hate;
crack the wood and splinters gorge out and rip,
dye my skin purple and yellow because we all know
where this will lead; a cycle that bruised my mother’s eyes
and taught me that pain is all there is to know.


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