forsaken(by the sun)

Forsaken (by the sun) 8/12/2020

size does you  no justice;  your very presence takes up space. makes me lose my breath. dizzy, spinning, your arms, secure, catch me. intimidation or attraction–i take notice. eyes unfocused for so long–i thought i needed glasses. but with you,  i focus. no need for a lens, i can picture your face, even in my  sleep. i  trace my lips as i think of you; laid up on my bed, i shake, i seize, and just like that, i sigh, eager  to do  it all again.  i  plunge my tongue down your throat, begging for answers, desperate to understand, to  know, how you hold such  magic over me with only your hands. we dance, we sink, i pause, and  forget that not every beginning needs and end. i’m way over my head; it’s that song that hums beneath  our feet–the landlord said she took care of  it  but she’s been playing me–i’m weak baby, please, don’t  let that control get to your h ead. your pride.  you must feel like a king when i’m begging  you to come inside–me and you, we are wasted opportunities brought  to the light; flimsy, transparent, damn, how could i have missed the lies? the false words, the compliments  that made  me so  wet–now, now i’m buried underneath the  sand, forsaken by the sun.

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