a dance(why do i feel so lonely?)

 a dance done between two, a tango lacking the aromatic presence we aspire, we are off-beat, off-tune; a song rolling across the thick lashes batting your eyes, we are eternally tragic. woefully damaged. i’m exhausted, baby, and so are you. why do we continue to stand on stage, pretend this is love, and fuck and fight all over again? i crave the silence after the storm, the crash of disappointments built, way way high; i crave the moment you leave, your hate covering the inside of my inner thighs. sometimes i trace my belly and pray…gummy smiles and innocent eyes that will make every midnight turn to the day. i pray and beg and sing…i deserve to sleep without locking my door, thoughts taking my joy hostage…i deserve, i deserve, i deserve better. you say you love me, hands rough and in a hurry…you say i’m your one and only but why do i feel so lonely?

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