rebirth(the RIDE, the THRILL)

i wonder if my fate was never this—i’ve become too dependent and  here i am, sitting here looking foolish. how  to rebuild the walls of my pride. too focused on positivity  and rebirth, i should have been  preparing for the storm  and  rain. so many  times  i’ve become involved in other people’s stories–it  was the RIDE, the THRILL. 

The  Ride, the Thrill;  living vicariously through you was a contact high i was unprepared for. But as God as my witness, i would  never be as foolish. so, that is why i sit here, tears mingling with prayers, beseeching for answers to silent ears.

it is time for another cycle, another transformation, another rebirth as fertile soil turns to brown  leaves. i hope the lessons learned center me–ground me as my neck snaps back from whiplash.

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