I felt (like i was drugged)

i  felt (like i was drugged) 8/31/2020

where are the answers i seek? are they written in the  stars? the  sand beneath my  toes and feet? should  i look inward and contemplate the  secrets of the  universe while sipping  some tea? 

i have been bold lately–and hungry. starving.  i  want to devour every opportunity and  swallow his  seed. grow  a  garden between my thighs and beg for him to come inside me.  i’ve been entranced too–caught in a daze, my reflection reveals  an  image  that seems new. bronzed skin glowing in the candlelight, lips puckered and full, is she  a goddesss made flesh or is she who  i’ve always pictured i’d be? 

you are so handsome, baby. you fit between my hips, your  hands can’t stop gripping me. i dreamt of the moment where you overwhlem me…with  hands and teeth, spin  me around  and  finger me while i scream…toss me on the bed and  fuck me like you’re in a hurry. i’m lost baby, damn, did  i forget my keys? chest on the  sheets,  skin slippery, you can’t seem to get a good grip.  just  you and me,  brown flesh glidding, warm and supple  from passion, time slips by–like relaxed afternoons simmering under the fading summer sun. damn, passion so hot, i felt  like  i was drugged.

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