resentment(giving too much of myself away)

resentment(giving too much of myself away) sept 4/2020

why is it that i grow resentful at the sound of the clock?  i damn the hands of time but can’t catch my breath when my fate rewinds. i face my adversaries with indifference; i am bold and confused. i’m loud and insecure  and  damn, why is it that allow you  to frustrate me to such  a degree? i can’t seem to go on with my day with you in my way. i can’t seem to train my thoughts to  detach from you. i’m hooked. it’s a weakness, i’m sure, to cling to others when faced with challenges until they are understood. but i am human, mortal, irrevocably flawed. even paradise banished us and sent us away. maybe i place too much of a substantial mantle across my nape. maybe  i should be more patience  and kind to myself rather  than others–i’ve been giving too much  of myself away. 

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