A Kingdom Eclipsed by Moonlight

Princess of Mycea, Anayissa struggles to brave her physically and emotionally abusive past in the most beautiful country in the Four Kingdoms. Raised in a misogynistic world where her words are hushed, and her beauty is her greatest asset, Ana is forced to marry the notorious King of Rhageon when their two countries clash. Instead of falling silent, Ana learns how to channel her strength despite the odds. When faced with newfound adventure and stories of courageous heroes, she finally learns how to overcome her fears as she unearths truths and learns how to be an inspirational and formidable Queen.

King of Rhageon, Torin has always known he was meant for greatness. Blessed by his patron goddess, Lyceria, Torin was born with hair the exact shade of moonlight, eyes silver like the edge of the moon, and powers that set him apart from being human. When the King of Mycea challenges Rhageon into war, Torin is determined to protect his people, even if it means he loses parts of his humanity in the process. Gifted with new, destructive powers, Torin believes himself prepared for the trials ahead, but the gods prove to have more in store.

In the Underworld, the old gods are no longer content to sleep underneath the earth. Tricked and bound to the underworld, the ancient gods are beginning to stir. And with their rebellion come revelations that will shake the Four Kingdoms.

Start reading my unpublished novel on Wattpad: http://ow.ly/KALR50DqOpT

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