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A Kingdom Eclipsed by Moonlight
Mecca-Amirah Jackson

Princess of Mycea, Anayissa struggles to brave her physically and emotionally abusive past in the most beautiful country in the Four Kingdoms. Raised in a misogynistic world where her words are hushed, and her beauty is her greatest asset, Ana is forced to marry the notorious King of Rhageon when their two countries clash. Instead of falling silent, Ana learns how to channel her strength despite the odds. When faced with newfound adventure and stories of courageous heroes, she finally learns how to overcome her fears as she unearths truths and learns how to be an inspirational and formidable Queen.

King of Rhageon, Torin has always known he was meant for greatness. Blessed by his patron goddess, Lyceria, Torin was born with hair the exact shade of moonlight, eyes silver like the edge of the moon, and powers that set him apart from being human. When the King of Mycea challenges Rhageon into war, Torin is determined to protect his people, even if it means he loses parts of his humanity in the process. Gifted with new, destructive powers, Torin believes himself prepared for the trials ahead, but the gods prove to have more in store.

In the Underworld, the old gods are no longer content to sleep underneath the earth. Tricked and bound to the underworld, the ancient gods are beginning to stir. And with their rebellion come revelations that will shake the Four Kingdoms.

A Kingdom Eclipsed by Moonlight

Rhageon Creation Story: Origins

Prologue: A Message

Part One – New Moon

Chapter One – She Who Expels the Light

Chapter Two – Visions From a Madman

Chapter Three – A Falling Star Knows no Bounds

Chapter Four – The Arrogance of Kings

Chapter Five – The Blue and Gold in Her Eyes

Part Two – Waxing Crescent

Chapter Six – A Viel Drawn Before the Stars

Chapter Seven – A New Beginning, A New End

Chapter Eight – A Kiss Before the Full Moon

Chapter Nine – “Gifts aplenty, jewels a many”

Chapter Ten – Power, I Reclaim it

Part Three- First Quarter

Chapter Eleven-  Adjusting to the New Normal

Chapter Twelve – The Crooked Knee Inn

Chapter Thirteen – A Test of Wills

Chapter Fourteen – “I Claim You, M’Amyr”

Part Four- Waning Gibbous 

Chapter Fifteen –  Homeward Bound

Chapter Sixteen- An Illusion of Safety

Chapter Seventeen – The Son of Life and Death

Chapter Eighteen – The Forgotten

Chapter Nineteen – The Last Tears

Chapter Twenty – The Ysurria

Chapter Twenty-One – The Night Market

Epilogue – Full Moon Ceremony

Characters List  


Anayissa Mirabella Francesca Rhyse de Cliousa (Ana) – Princess of Mycea, daughter of Harold and Lizette

Harold Richerson Rhyse L’Allan de Cliousa – King of Mycea, husband to Suzanna, father to Ana, and unborn child

Lizette Mirabella Ylena A’Deanetha-Lynn de Cliousa – Queen of Mycea, wife of Harold, mother of Ana, and unborn child

Julia Irene Evans – Ana’s lady-in-waiting

Laura Claudia Thorton -Ana’s lady-in-waiting, beau of Maurice

Ringa– neurotic pet of Ana, black and white terrier

Caleb Anton Giancarlo Rhyse de Cliousa – son of prince Marcus, heir to Mycea, cousin to Ana, a scandalous rake

Maurice DeMarcus – Blacksmith’s son, beau of Laura

Lady Annabel Ambrose -society lady gossiper, green-eyed

Daniel Rhyse de Cliousa – First King of Mycea, Ana’s ancestor, co-founder of Mycea, levelheaded

Lucien (Luc) Rhyse Bastille – General, famed co-founder of Mycea, adventurous, impetuous


Torin Ethelwolf Aldrake M’atheian – King of Rhageon, the Moon Goddess Lyceria’s Chosen, Nysurria, The Wolf, King of the Sands, god-touched, dual-bodied

Rhamik – previous king of Rhageon

Nortega Redhawk – genrys, second-in-command, a most trusted friend of Torin, keen eyesight, blessed by Kagura, goddess, and Mother of Fauna, 

Cemara Aldrake M’atheian – High Priestess of Lyceria’s shrine, Muwaee to Torin

Matthias Ethelwolf  – Exiled Lord of Mycea, Roggae to Torin (deceased) 

Heleora – Sthora, general

Tomo – a messenger from Bighorn

Amani – Ana’s desert mare, a gift from Torin

Khalid – Torin’s desert stallion, a gift from Kagura

Maero’n – Legendary warrior, killer of the dragon Rhageon, whom all youths aspire to be

Daniesha – Legend, fought the great silk spider called Gyria, founder of Tailor’s Den

Rionio (Rio) – Cris, son of master glassblower, 

Murissa (Rissa) – handmaid of Ana, younger sister of Thylima

Thylima (Thy) – handmaid of Ana, eldest sister of Murissa

Derricq – warrior

Lars – green-eyed warrior 

Amala (The Butcher) – warrior


Zakar- god of the Sun, the Heavens, justice, bearing wings the shade of the sun, son of Time and Abyss, brother of Lyceria and Bemarisse, husband to Alorra, father to Fatima, Hyrisis, Amun

Lyceria- goddess of the Moon, life, fertility, the tides, daughter of Time and Abyss, sister to Bemarisse and Zakar, lover to Rainer

Bemarisse-goddess of Constellations, Death, Overseers of the Underworld, dressed in the skins of cowards and deserters, daughter of Time and Abyss, sister to Lyceria and Zakar, mother of Collic, Ramses, and Rebekah 

Rebekah-goddess of Love, beauty, lust, envy, ebony skin, braided hair, the most beautiful woman–resembling the Fey, pointed ears, daughter of Bemarisse – father unknown

Collic- god of the desert, trickster, red hair and blue tattoos, a sacred animal is the raven, son of Bemarisse – father unknown

Ramses – a fertility god, a golden-skinned man with arresting violet eyes and white hair, son of Bemarisse – father unknown

Shamala- god of sleep, nightmares, memories, dressed in a cloak of shifting memories, son of Rift and Amity, brother to Kyn

Akamae- goddess, and mother of flora, poisonous skin, bald, naked, daughter of Kofi and Ai-Rue (deceased), twin of Kagura 

Kagura- goddess, and mother of fauna, appears as an adolescent, dressed in a simple strilla, daughter of Kofi and Ai-Rue (deceased), twin of Akamae

Alorra-goddess of the domestic, family, marriage, illusions, a full-figured woman, her hair wrapped in a scarf, wife of Zakar, mother of   Fatima, Hyrisis, Amun

Hyrisis– god of warfare, bravery, dressed in gleaming armor that color of dawn, son of Zakar and Alorra, brother of  Fatima and Amun

Fatima-goddess of wisdom, strategy, dressed in armor, wears dark hair in locs, daughter of Zakar and Alorra, sister of  Hyrisis and Amun

Amun-god of travel, companionship, messenger, an athletic man, bearded, jovial, son of Zakar and Alorra, brother of  Fatima and Hyrisis

Calliope-goddess of poetry, theater, music, art, revelry, luck, a golden-skinned woman, red hair, changes outfits for dramatic effect, daughter of Rebekah and Hyrisis

Kyn-two-spirited god, agriculture, androgynous features, demurely dressed, child of Rift and Amity, sibling of Shamala

Rainer-the god of the sea, the currents and every body of water, master of all beings of the fin, and nostalgia. Sprung from the dreams of Shamala, lover of Lyceria

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