Why We Make Wishes at Night

“I don’t wish on stars every time I see one.” Beautiful words from my friend, Audrey! She recently created a blog and I highly recommend checking out her work.

Audrey Miranda-Russelman

I don’t wish on stars every time I see one.

And I don’t wish in the morning, unless it’s 11:11am. Even then, I struggle to wish for something really focused and thought-out. My default is world peace.

Here are the times I’ve actually made a wish. I’m sure you’ve made wishes during these same times, too.

When I was about five, I wished that people believed me when I said I was abused. I remember that first moment how scared I was- and that’s when I made my first wish.

In middle school, I wore the same clothes for a few days in a row, and our water was turned off. I hid my hygiene behind two large jackets, and I was still made fun of, and so embarrassed. I wish I had more clothes to wear, and I wished I had running water. I cried in my seat and…

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