Social Media – Tools & Resources

As a social media manager, here are the tools I use daily to help with organizing my social media calendar.

Grammarly – Grammarly is an essential tool for you or your team to proofread your copywriting. Even if you have a dedicated person for proofreading, it is always beneficial to have an extra pair of hands or a resource that can help lighten the workload. Especially for social media, a post may need to go out ASAP, and you do not want to wait for a proofreader to review it.  

Canva: People like to joke how Canva makes people believe they are graphic designers (people like me, haha). Still, it is an empowering tool that allows individuals to explore their creative side. Canva offers thousands of templates and graphics, and if you upgrade to the Pro version, there are so many features to explore that can help you create images, videos, infographics, and so much more.

Hootsuite: To social media managers, scheduling tools like Hootsuite soon become your Bible with how integral it becomes to your daily routine. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts ahead of time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and now, even Tik Tok! There is also a feature to pull data and analytics.

SEMRush: Let’s talk about keywords and SEO! SemRush also has a scheduling tool, but where SEMRush shines is the digital marketing resources. If you are also running paid and PPC campaigns, SEMRush will provide a list of the best keywords, prices, and everything you need for a successful paid campaign.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager:  Depending on whether your focus is B2B or B2C, utilizing LinkedIn’s ad center can help you target the right audience. Currently, I am running a recruitment campaign and found Linked’s targeting very exact. Compared to Facebook and Instagram, if your target is professionals, I recommend this platform. It is comparably more expensive but can be worth it if adequately performed.

Facebook CampaignFacebook, aka Instagram’s gatekeeper, is the tool for promoting on Facebook and Instagram. I have found it inexpensive but not as targeted, but if your target audience is younger (Gen Z, Millenials, etc.), this is the platform to find them (as well as Tik Tok). This platform is also user-friendly to set up and navigate compared to LinkedIn.

Later: Similarly to other social media schedulers, Later is a more colorful, organized, and engaging experience for social media managers. Currently using it (for free) for Instagram, it has features that recommends trending hashtags for your posts, stores your media, and looks like the Creator-friendly features that I would be interested to check out. I only have the free version so I cannot provide a full scope of its properties but I think it’s a great resource for those who mostly post on IG and Tik tok.

Social Media Managers or enthusiasts, what tools do you use? I did not mention Meltwater, which I LOVE for social listening but I am curious to see what you prefer.

Here is a list of other resources I have tried and or am curious to use:

  1. Crowdfire – Best social media management tool for startups and entrepreneurs
  2. Iconosquare – Best for Instagram marketing
  3. Buffer – Best for easy post scheduling
  4. Post Planner – Best for curating engaging content
  5. Edgar – Best for automation
  6. Tailwind – Best for visual sharing 
  7. Revive Old Posts – Best for posting blog content
  8. CoSchedule — Best for building a content calendar
  9.  Sked Social — Best for creating eye-catching posts

4 thoughts on “Social Media – Tools & Resources

  1. Nice post. I definitely use the same. I have a few others I use as well. It helps for separating campaigns or various alternatives for clients. But this is a excellent list.


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