Social Media – Mission Statement

Like all things, let’s start at the beginning!

A mission statement helps define your goals and the overall purpose of creating a social media platform. The days of creating a social media channel on a whim (especially for a company) is long over.

Social Media is all about being purposeful. One’s presence on a platform represents its brand, message, political stance, etc. It’s a snapshot of who you portray to be. Of course, we can have a long-winded discussion about society and the pressure to sustain a facade in our oversaturated/narcissistic cesspool (laughs in Millennial), but let’s talk about all the wonderful things social media can do for you and your business.

Mission Statement

Why are you creating a social media channel? For a business it’s essential to highlight the whys, especially since running social media channels does require a skillful hand, a social media manager, or someone with similar experience, and you may need to dip into the marketing budget for resources.

Luckily, there are many benefits for a company to have a social media channel – promoting brand awareness, engaging with key stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, etc.), and another marketing channel to share relevant content, news, and other external outputs.

Social media has become a way for companies to communicate and connect with their audience directly–there are even jobs for Community Management that deal directly with monitoring customer engagement on platforms and reviewing the overall sentiments of the company.

What should be highlighted in a Mission Statement?

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