Cosmic Irony

A greater hand at play,

I’ve been placed on this earth

For another’s folly’s

Because there is no rhyme or

Reason for me to be this damned.

It’s a joke, right? To be given

a destiny as lonely as this.

To be envied and desired

but forever misunderstood.

It’s the shade of my skin,

The texture of my hair that

drives them into a frenzy.

but when I speak—crickets.

a liar! A thief! You are no true born,

No queen! A falsehood, a puppet,


Or anywhere. If we are being honest,

how could I set find my own footing

when I have two right feet? Toppled over,

dazed and love-hungry, I will join

the lone wolfs who mourn at the eleventh hour.

 I will strip myself bear and take

blades to my flesh, ripping and slicing

until the crowd gets their fill. It’s the eyes

that scare me— the lust at the depravity, the sin.

 To see me plummet to the earth like Icarus, 

they would pay to see me fall again and again and again…

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